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Client Food Log

Clients can keep a photographic (or text based) food log and capture their vital stats and exercise history. Capture the data you need, with real time updates into your clinical system.

Portion Control

Photos allow you to better evaluate portion size and identify sauces and dressings that are often left out of paper logs.

Fully Automatic

Photos are stored on our cloud servers and don’t clog up your email inbox or local disk space. Images are filed against individual client records and can be reviewed at any time.

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words"

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Client Notes

Go paperless – save time and stay organized! Simple to use software that allows you to keep progress and visit notes at your finger tips.

Medical History

Record comprehensive medical history, medication, allergy and vital stats. Create custom tabs for special requirements.

Free Client Mobile App

Clients can keep a photographic food log, review their care plan, watch videos, download resources, and log their progress or vital stats on the the spot.

Document storage

Securely upload and store all your client documents. Store photos, images, documents, scans and PDF files.


View your daily schedule with the touch of a button. Shared calendars allow you to organize your days with ease.

Always Available

Use your Mac, PC, Smartphone or Tablet. Work on any device, at any time, in the clinic, on the road or from home.

Your free client app !

Our mobile app is 100% free to your clients.
It works on most mobile devices

The mobile app has a wealth of additional features that you can enable for your clients.

For example, the mobile app allows you to track blood sugar levels, vital stats, exercise histories and daily step counts.

You decide

Select the data feeds that are most important to you.

Everything from a simple photographic food log – through to a comprehensive health, exercise and diet tracking app.  The choice is yours.

The selected data is automatically available in your central clinical system.

There are no messy data syncs.

The process is seamless, instant and fully automatic.


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